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Wedding Guest Dresses shelves of consignment

7 Ways to great deals on Prom Dresses Have a Green Wedding Use a green bridal registry, many of which can be found online.Also, when choosing the items for the wedding registry, choose only ecofriendly items.If there is a store you like that sells ecofriendly products but it doesn’t have a bridal registry, ask if they would mind setting one up for you.If you want the registry to be less focused on giving gifts to yourself and your new spouse, and more focused on directing resources toward those in greater need, you can consider having the registry be a list of possible donations to charitable causes.You will wear these clothes once, so there are several possibilities that might suit your needs.Renting a dress or suit is one response.Recycling a friend’s or family member’s wedding clothing is another option.This is a great way to reuse and recycle!Search the Wedding Guest Dresses shelves of consignment stores or thrift stores and have the clothing altered to your size and style.Some people find a perfect solution in finding a dress or suit that can be used again with a little altering.Talk to the bridesmaids, matron of honor, best man, and anyone else with significant roles in the wedding, and have them do the same.Have them wear simple clothes that can be worn again or clothes they already own that adhere to a certain color theme.Be a little flexible and allow a range of colors that fit within a theme.Brides can always check out the bridesmaids’ choices in advance to ensure that continuity is maintained. Use recycled gold for your wedding rings.The mining of gold and other precious metals leaves environmental devastation in its wake by leaving this page arsenic residues and other problems associated with mining.Diamond mining also has negative environmental consequences [1] [2].There are many jewelers now recycling gold and turning it into wedding rings.This is not only a great method for recycling but it is also a wonderful connection with the past and the loves and lives of those who have gone before us.The closer the venue, the less distances required to travel and the less energy consumed.Consider a venue that has abundant natural light and take advantage of the sun rather than allelectrical lighting.Other considerations include the ability of your venue to withstand hot or cold temperatures without having to turn up the heating or airconditioning. Don’t rule out your own home as a wedding venue, especially if you are having a smaller wedding.If you want special floral arrangements that require roaming further afield, consider fair trade flowers.Arrange for someone to take the flowers from the wedding venue to the reception venue.It is a logical solution to otherwise wasting the flowers and it reduces your costs.Even better, decorate with potted plants and flowers that can continue to grow.Supporting local growers is a great way to cut down on costs and travel distances.It can also provide you with an opportunity to showcase local specialties.Organic food is symbolic of an intention to start married life together with a focus on creating a healthconscious and informed way of living.Meat production has a high environmental cost, and highlighting some delicious vegetarian choices at your wedding could give guests new ideas for different foods to try.A lot of food gets wasted at large events and weddings are no different.Calculate the food needs carefully.If there are leftovers, ask the caterers to package items and freeze where possible;Where this is not possible for hygiene and safety reasons, ask them to compost as much as possible. Keep the wedding cake simple.A simple cake can still be elegant and low price convey all the same meanings as a more expensive, resource and labor intensive one.Use simple themes and opt for organic, edible flowers instead of plastic decorations.

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